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Why wasn't my plan recognised?
Why wasn't my plan recognised?
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Did you receive an email indicating that your plan recognition has failed? Don't worry! Here are some recommendations and guidelines to achieve the best results when using our AI to reproduce your plan in Planner 5D.

Essential Guidelines

  1. Supported Formats: Our AI can only process JPG/PNG/PDF images of your plan. We do not accept or process other formats at the moment. However, if your plan is in an unsupported format, you can take a screenshot of it, ensuring the screenshot's resolution is under 8192x8192px.

  2. Clarity and Orientation: Your plan should be clearly visible. Tilted plans may result in issues with the final output.

  3. Quality of Source: If you're uploading a photo of a paper-based plan that has been folded, we cannot guarantee excellent results.

  4. Type of Plan: Renders or elevations cannot be properly recreated in the Planner 5D app.

  5. Dimensions: Your plan should include dimensions. Without them, we cannot reproduce the plan while maintaining the desired dimensions.

  6. Furniture: Your plan can include furniture. However, our AI will recognize and place only basic furniture like beds, bathrooms, tables, doors, etc. It might not identify and place more specific items, such as a refrigerator.

Reach Out to Support

If you're unsatisfied with the result, please contact our Support team! However, we will need the following information to help fix any issues:

  • The original file of the plan you've uploaded.

  • The link to the digitalized plan you've received.

  • Your comments on what's missing or incorrect.

With this information, we can assist you in resolving any issues you're experiencing!

If you have received an email that the recognition has failed – no need to worry. Check our recommendations below for how to receive the best results with it comes to using our AI for reproducing your plan in Planner 5D.

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