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Program for Schools and Universities
Program for Schools and Universities
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We at Planner 5D understand the value of education. That is why we developed a free Educational License Program allowing schools to expose their students to art, architecture, design and planning. By providing the teachers with the access to our tool, we support the urge of young minds to acquire new skills and try new professions!

Please note that we only accept requests from teachers/professors of the educational institution. At the moment, we do not accept submissions from individual students.

Here’s what we offer with the free Educational License package:

  • an unlimited number of licenses that you can share with your students. All the licenses can be reused;

  • access to the full Premium catalogue of Planner 5D items, including room furniture, decorative elements, etc;

  • 5 individual textures per each student’s account, with the opportunity to purchase more if needed;

  • the chance to create an unlimited number of simple screenshots, with HD renders available for purchase;

  • access to the online Interior Design Course, and an opportunity to receive a certificate upon completion;

  • AI recognition feature is not included in the package, so students will be more involved in the process as they will have to create the project from scratch.

Feel interested? Then please use this link to fill out the form to request a required amount of licenses for your students. Once we receive your request, we will ask you to share a document or a link to public resources confirming your employment with the educational institution you indicated. Upon confirmation of your employment with the educational institution, we will provide you with access to Planner 5D, and further instructions on how to share the licenses with your students.

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