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How to change the profile picture (iOS)
How to change the profile picture (iOS)
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Updating your profile picture in the Planner 5D iOS app is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Planner 5D app: Locate and tap on the Planner 5D app icon on your iOS device to launch the app.

  2. Open your profile: Tap on the profile icon in the bottom menu to access your account.

  3. Edit your profile: Tap the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner to make changes to your profile.

  4. Access your camera: Tap the camera icon at the top of the screen to access your photo options.

  5. Choose or take a photo: Select 'Choose photo' to pick an image from your iPhone's photo gallery or 'Take photo' to capture a new picture.

  6. Allow photo access: If this is your first time uploading an image to the Planner 5D app, grant the app permission to access your Photos.

  7. Select and adjust: Choose the desired picture, adjust it to fit the square frame provided by the app, and tap 'Choose' to confirm your selection.

  8. Save changes: Tap 'Done' in the upper right corner to finish editing your profile and save your new profile picture.

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