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If you wonder what to do with your documents – we've got you covered!
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If you are using Planner 5D on the iOS platform, you are the lucky one since you now have a chance to collect and store all the documents regarding your design object in a digital format with the help of the Planner 5D Documents tool!

Open the Tools section of the app and tap Documents:

To start with, add a new document. Open your camera and take a picture of your architectural plans, drawings, sketches, dimension specifications, receipts, warranties, designs that inspired you, the wallpaper you liked in the store, any other picture or document you’d like to keep on hand or upload a picture from the phone gallery!

Once the picture is uploaded, you can save it to the appropriate folder and find it there as fast as possible when you need it!

You can also select the uploaded file, rename it or move it to another folder.

Note: the Documents tool is only available on the iOS platform for the time being; however, we are working hard to implement it on other platforms too. Stay tuned!

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