Scan Your Room (iOS)
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For the fortunate users of iPhones and iPads equipped with LIDAR technology, Planner 5D is delighted to introduce a new feature that lets you scan your real-life room and instantly create a plan of it within your Planner 5D account.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to turn your actual living space into a Planner 5D project in no time:

  1. Launch Planner 5D: Open the Planner 5D app on your iOS device equipped with LIDAR technology.

  2. Create a New Project: From the 'Home' screen, tap on the green 'New Project' button located in the upper left corner.

  3. Select 'Scan Room' Option: From the available options, choose 'Scan Room'. This will initiate the room scanning mode.

  4. Scan Your Room: Begin scanning your room by pointing your device at one of the bottom corners, then gradually move it along the floor and ceiling. It might be beneficial to step back a bit to ensure the entire wall is within your camera's view.

  5. Save Your Project: Once the scan is complete, you have two options for saving your project: 'Layout' or 'Layout + Furniture'. Pick the one that suits your needs best.

    1. If you select the 'Layout + Furniture' option, please allow 3-10 minutes for us to generate a furnished version of your room. Keep the app open until this process is completed.

Feeling a change of style? No problem! You can always switch up the style, and we'll happily redesign it for you.

We've also prepared a short video tutorial to guide you through the room scanning process with our iOS app:

Dive in and start transforming your real-world spaces into inspiring designs with Planner 5D and the power of LIDAR.

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