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Dive into a new dimension of home design with Planner 5D's Augmented Reality (AR) feature. This powerful tool, grounded in AR technologies, lets you create 3D interior design projects and immerse them in a customizable virtual space. The result? You can walk through your future home and visualize its design in real-time!

There are two primary ways to leverage the AR tool within our app:

  1. Design First, View Later: Create your project first and preview it within your real space.

  2. Scan, Place, Customize: Scan your room, place any item from our catalogue, and customize the object within your space.

For the First Approach, follow these steps:

  1. Start by creating a project of your room and tap the AR icon to activate the tool.

  2. In the 2D mode of the project, select the point of view that aligns with your location in the real space.

  3. Choose the surface of the room and tap the "+" icon.

  4. Voila! Rotate your camera to view your virtual project within your real room.

For the Second Approach,

If you're yet to create a project, but curious to see how specific furniture pieces would look in your space, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the 'Tools' section of the app and tap 'AR try on'.

  2. Select the surface of the room where you'd like to place an item and tap the "+" icon to activate the catalogue of items.

  3. Choose the item you want to place in your room.

  4. There you have it! Inspect whether the selected item fits your interior design. If required, tap on the object to customize it, and save the result to your gallery, or even share it with friends directly from the app!

Please note: this AR feature is currently exclusive to the iOS version of Planner 5D.

If you'd like to explore more about this tool, check out our blog where one of our users provides a comprehensive overview of the AR feature in Planner 5D. So, let's step into the future of home design together!

Feel free to check our blog and check the overview on the tool created by one of our users.

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