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Ready to immerse yourself into Augmented Reality with Planner 5D? Come on in!

This new feature based on AR technologies helps to create 3D interior design projects and place the blueprint of the room or apartment within a customizable virtual space. As a result, you can literally walk through your own future home and try out its design in real-time!

There are two approaches on how you can use the AR tool in our app:

  1. You can create a project first, and check how it looks like in the real space

  2. You can scan your room and place any item from our catalogue to your room, and then customize this object!

Here are the steps to take for option number 1:

1. Create a project of your room and tap the AR icon to activate the tool.

2. In the 2D mode of the project, choose the point of view which matches your location in the real space.

3. Select the surface of the room and tap the “+” icon

4. Done! You can now turn your camera and take a look at the project immersed into your room!

If you haven’t created the project yet, but would like to know if some of the furniture items look good in your space, here are the steps for you to take:

1. Open the Tools section of the app and tap AR try on.

2. Select the surface of the room where you’d like to place an item and tap the “+” icon to activate the catalogue of item.

3. Select the item you'd like to add.

4. Done! You can now check if the item you've chosen fits your interior. If not - you can customize it by tapping on the object and save the result to your gallery, or even send it to a friend directly from the app!

Note: this feature is only available in the iOS version of Planner 5D.

Feel free to check our blog and check the overview on the tool created by one of our users.

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