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Accidentally Deleted the Project
Accidentally Deleted the Project
Updated over a week ago

It is not possible to delete the project on any platform. You can only archive it. The good news is that after the project has been archived, you can quickly restore it!

Here's what needs to be done:

  1. Sign in to your account on the Web platform.
    You will need to use the same credentials (email-password or social networks) as you use to log in to other platforms.

  2. You'll get to the main screen with all your active projects listed. On the left-hand side of the screen you can see a menu. Find an Archive section and click it.

  3. You've accessed the list of archived projects. Use the three dots at the corner of the project icon and use the Restore function.

  4. Your restored project will become available on all platforms you're using.

In case you cannot find a deleted project amongst archived nor active:

  1. Remember if you were working on that project while logged in to your Planner 5D account.
    Projects are only saved if you're logged in to your account.

  2. Try to recall if you were using several accounts.
    You might have used different email addresses or social networks. Check other accounts if the project is still there.

  3. Gather the following information and contact our Support team from within the app you're using.
    Without that information we won't be able to conduct a proper search to help you:
    - send us a message directly from the app you've used to create projects;
    - email/emails of your account (you can list all emails you might have used);
    - name of the project (we'll be able to search through the list of all projects to find yours);
    - the platform you've used to create a project;
    - if you've made some purchases while working on that project – receipt screenshots.

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