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Contacting Support Team for Help (Windows)
Contacting Support Team for Help (Windows)
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On your adventure with Planner 5D, you might stumble upon some cases when you'll require additional help to keep moving forward. Our Support team is here 24/7 ready to lend a helping hand!

By following these simple steps in Windows app you can help us resolve your issue in no time:

  1. Always contact us from the app you've faced an issue in. With the Windows version of Planner 5D, use the Feedback form that is indicated by the “?” sign in the right top corner of the screen.

  2. Describe the step-by-step process that led you to that issue. The more details you provide us with, the faster we can reproduce your journey to find and fix the obstacle on your way!

  3. We may ask you to share a screenshot or a small video illustrating the issue. For example, if your recent purchase is missing – we will ask you to share the screenshot of the receipt, so we can find and restore it.

Thank you in advance for cooperation! We do our best to be of help!

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