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Welcome aboard Planner 5D! We're excited to help you begin your journey into home design. This guide will introduce you to the primary features of the Planner 5D Windows app and how you can start creating your dream project.

Navigating the Main Screen

Your journey with Planner 5D starts from the main screen where you can:

  • Create Your First Project: Click on the 'Create New Project' button to get started.

  • Access 'Snapshots': Switch the top toggle to 'Snapshots' to access and view your previously created renders.

  • Update Your Profile: Click on 'Profile' to edit your details, view subscription information, or purchase a subscription. You can also log out from here if you need to change users.

  • Access App Settings: Review and adjust the Planner 5D Windows app settings to optimize your user experience.

Understanding Project Menus

When you create a new project, you'll be presented with two primary menus:

  1. Top Menu: Located at the top of the screen, this menu lets you:

    • Toggle between 2D/3D modes to view your project.

    • Navigate between your latest actions using the back and forth buttons.

    • Create a snapshot or render your design in HD quality.

    • Access project settings to customize your design environment.

    • Apply a ruler for precise measurements.

    • Share your projects with others.

    • Submit a ticket to our Customer Support team if you encounter any issues.

    • Quickly open your profile.

  2. Side Menu: Found on the left side of your screen, this menu allows you to:

    • Create rooms and outline the structure of your design.

    • Place construction objects such as doors, windows, stairs, or roofs.

    • Choose interior objects from our extensive catalogue.

    • Select and position exterior objects to design your backyard.

    • Access recently used objects for quicker design adjustments.

    • Open the list of your favourite objects for easy access.

Getting Started with Designing

Now that you're familiar with the primary features of the Planner 5D Windows app, you're all set to start your journey into the exciting world of home design. Begin creating, have fun, and let your imagination run wild!

If you're struggling or need additional help, remember our 24/7 customer support team is just a few clicks away! We are always here to assist you.

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