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If you have archived some projects in iOS app but wish to restore those

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If you've archived a project in Planner 5D and need to restore it, you can easily do so through the Web platform. Currently, this is the only platform that provides access to your archived projects. Follow these steps to restore your archived project:

  1. Log in to your Planner 5D account: Access the Planner 5D Web platform and log in using your account credentials.

  2. Navigate to 'My Projects': From the top menu, select the 'My Projects' section to view your list of projects.

  3. Access the 'Archive' section: In the left-hand side menu, click on the 'Archive' section to display your archived projects and renders.

  4. Locate the desired project: Browse through the archived projects and find the one you wish to restore.

  5. Restore the project: Click on the three dots icon located at the lower right corner of the project's thumbnail. Select the 'Restore' option to bring the project back to your active projects list.

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