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Where can I learn the basics?
Where can I learn the basics?
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Welcome to Planner 5D! Get ready for an unforgettable design adventure!

To start with, we invite you to join our Design School Classes, which consist of two courses:

The course How to use Planner 5D will help you better understand Planner 5D functionality and know more life hacks, which will let you create gorgeous projects easily. It’s all for free!

With the Interior Design Online Course, you will not just learn how to become an interior designer, but can also practice the skills and receive the feedback from professional designers! The first module of the course is free for all users. However, if you’d like to get access to the full course and graduate with a certificate, you will need a subscription.

Please note that Design School is only available on our web platform.

What is more, for each platform we’ve prepared simple instructions on your first steps with Planner 5D. Depending on the device you use, choose the appropriate section and use our step-by-step instructions to learn!

And in case there are any difficulties - you can always contact our Support Team, they are ready to assist 24/7!

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