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If you do not have enough time for designing your space, Planner 5D has a solution for you!

You can either contact our Professional Design Team to help with your design project, or get in touch with someone from the list of our Top Interior Designers available for hire!

To find a designer among Planner 5D users, open the Web version of Planner 5D, go to Get ideas -> Top Interior Designers and choose a person with the Hire Me button on the right of the list.

Inside the Designer’s profile, you can look through the projects submitted by this user to the public. If you see the Available for hire icon and social media icons on the right - that means you can get in touch with the user and ask for help with your design!

If there are no social media icons in the top right corner of the designer’s profile - that means that user has not shared this information with us, and can not be reached at the moment.

If you feel like you’re also ready to help others with design - check this article to become Available for hire!

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