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Changing Background Colour (Windows)
Changing Background Colour (Windows)
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Customizing your Planner 5D project is a breeze, and modifying the background color can significantly transform your design experience. Follow these straightforward steps to change your background to one of the nine pre-set options in the Planner 5D Windows app.

Please note: It's currently not possible to upload a custom background or select a color outside the available list.

  1. Open Your Project: Begin by launching the Planner 5D Windows app. Select the project where you'd like to alter the background color.

  2. Access Project Settings: Once you've opened your project, navigate to the 'Project Settings' to access the customization options.

  3. Select a New Background Color: Inside 'Project Settings', you'll see a list of nine available background colors. Select one that best suits your project's aesthetic.

And there you have it! Your project's background color has now been updated. Enjoy your customized workspace as you design your perfect space with Planner 5D.

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