Changing Dimensions (Windows)
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With the Premium plan, you can change the dimensions of almost any object in Planner 5D.

In this article, we'll check how to change:

  • The ceiling height;

  • Walls length;

  • Other objects length, depth and width.

Click in the centre of the room where the ceiling height should be adjusted and tap the Roller icon.

Just don't forget that these dimensions are only applied to a chosen room. If you need to have a higher ceiling in every room of your apartment, you will need to pick each room and adjust the ceiling height there one by one.

If you need to change the length of only one wall, you can either drag the corner or pick that wall and set the desired length.

To change the object's dimensions (a door, window or furniture), you need to click on it, choose the Roller icon and set an appropriate width, depth and height in the settings line at the bottom of the screen.

Just like that, with a couple of clicks, you're already creating your unique design!

Check out the video we've prepared for you to help you get the functionality better:

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