Coloring Battle (Windows)
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Coloring Design Battle is a new contest we created for you to challenge yourself in using colors and applying textures! Every week, there is a new Contest you can join. Every time, there is a White Box interior that you will customize. Once you submit your design, there are up to 100 renders and textures to win!

Note: Coloring Design Battle is only available in the Windows app at the moment

Right on your home screen, you'll see the Contest icon. Click Join to enter this week's challenge, and start working on your masterpiece.

Click on the element you want to change and select from a

variety of colors, textures, and finishing materials to apply in the left-hand side menu.

The green circle next to the object means you still need to customize it. Once you apply the color or texture - the circle becomes white. With all the white circles, you are ready to make a render of the project and submit it for other Planner 5D users and experts to review and vote!

Once you've submitted your work, join the voting! You’ll be given renders of other participants in pairs. Pick the one you like the most and move to the next pair! You can skip the pair if none of the designs look good to you.

As soon as the voting finishes, find your project in the top list and win superb prizes including exclusive renders and textures! Participants have a chance to win in either Users’ or Editors’ Choice nominations.

Have questions regarding the contest? Feel free to reach out to [email protected], we are ready to be of help 24/7!

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