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See Through Walls in 3D Mode (Web)
See Through Walls in 3D Mode (Web)

You can enable/disable transparent walls when in 3D

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, you need an unobstructed view of your 3D models to really appreciate the interior design or layout. That's where our feature comes in. It allows you to make walls transparent in 3D mode, providing a clearer perspective of the room or house interior.

Here’s how you can utilize that in your projects:

  1. Select Your Project: Open the project you want to showcase in 3D mode.

  2. Access Settings: Look for the small gear icon located in the upper right corner of your screen and click on it.

  3. Toggle Visibility: In the Settings menu, you’ll find the option 'Show walls in 3D'. By default, this option is disabled, meaning the walls will be transparent for an unobstructed view. If you need the walls to be visible in your 3D model, simply enable this option by clicking on the toggle.

This is designed to give you flexibility and control over how you present and view your 3D models. Whether you’re showcasing a design to a client or working on your personal project, this feature helps you focus on the elements that matter the most.

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