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How to avoid levitating objects? (Windows)
How to avoid levitating objects? (Windows)
Updated over a week ago

In Planner 5D, all objects come with a default levitation parameter that ensures they are positioned at the appropriate height relative to other objects such as tables or shelves. However, if you have customized the default parameters of objects and need to adjust the levitation of specific items, you can easily do so with the following steps:

  1. Open your project in Planner 5D.

  2. Switch to 3D mode to clearly visualize the objects that require levitation adjustment.

  3. Tap on the object you want to modify and use the icon with arrows pointing up and down;

  4. Click the icon an drag the object to adjust its' position above the floor.

This process is especially useful when you notice objects floating in the air when viewing the project in 3D mode. You can either place them on top of other objects for support or adjust their "Above the floor" parameter to achieve the desired positioning.

By fine-tuning the levitation of objects, you can ensure a precise and visually appealing arrangement in your design.

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