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Magic Cube is the element that helps you create custom forms, pieces of furniture, partitions and other interior objects of simple shapes.

You can find this element in the Rooms section, it is available on any platform.

Check out the following videos with the Magic Cube and instructions to learn how to create:

Once you add the Magic Cube to your project, you can play with its form and create what you like by changing its width, depth, height, angle, levitation, and texture by using the menu.

You can also rotate the Magic Cube on a different axis. Depending on the platform you use, switch your project to the 3D mode and do the following to tilt the Cube:

  • Shift + Rotate icon for the Web version:

  • Shift + Rotate icon for the Windows app, or use the menu that appears on the right of the screen:

  • for the Android app tap the Magic Cube - you will see the icon to move it up and down, and two icons to tilt it in different directions:

  • for the iOS app tap the Cube, choose Edit -> Size -> and pick the axis to rotate:

  • for the macOS app use Shift + right mouse button to move the cube up and down, and Option + right mouse button to turn the Magic Cube around.

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