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How to use the Magic Cube
How to use the Magic Cube
Updated over a week ago

The Magic Cube is a versatile element in Planner 5D that lets you design custom forms, furniture, partitions, and other interior objects of simple shapes.

You can locate the Magic cube in the 'Rooms' section, and it's accessible on any platform.

To help you explore the full potential of the Magic Cube, we've prepared several instructional videos demonstrating how to create:

After adding the Magic Cube to your project, you can modify its form to create whatever your heart desires. Adjust its width, depth, height, angle, levitation, and texture using the control panel.

Furthermore, you can rotate the Magic Cube along various axes. Here's how you can tilt the Cube in the 3D mode, depending on the platform you're using:

  • Web version: Use Shift + Rotate icon.

  • Windows app: Use Shift + Rotate icon, or utilize the menu that appears on the right side of the screen.

  • Android app: Tap the Magic Cube to see the icon for moving it up and down, along with two icons for tilting it in different directions.

  • iOS app: Tap the Cube, select 'Edit' -> 'Size', and choose the axis to rotate.

  • macOS app: Use Shift + right mouse button to move the cube up and down, and Option + right mouse button to rotate the Magic Cube. Using the 'Edit' -> 'Size' you can also move the toggle to rotate the cube on all axis.

Dive into the world of creative design possibilities with the Magic Cube in Planner 5D and watch your ideas come to life!

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