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It is easy to use the design generator to pick up a few ideas for your renovation!
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Need inspiration and design ideas but don’t know where to start? Meet the Design Generator, the AI tool that allows you to get a lot of different design decorations based on one photo! Simply upload a photo of your room, and receive 6 AI moderated renders in different styles.

AI Design Generator can help you experiment with different room ideas and create an inspirational gallery that you can easily incorporate into your plans, or just have fun looking at the resulting options!

Note: Design Generator is only available for our PRO users on the iOS platform at the moment.

Here is how it works:

1. Open the Tools section on you iOS device and tap Design Generator:

2. Upload a photo of the interior that you’d like to decorate. Make sure the photo meets the given requirements:

3. Choose the room type you’ve uploaded:

4. Open the gallery with the 6 designs proposed by the AI tool and save the ones you like most!

You can even take pictures of empty spaces and see what AI can do with them!

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To read more about this tool, feel free to visit the Planner 5D blog.

Note: Design Generator serves as an inspiration tool only. If you are looking for the perfect design solutions for your interior - use the Smart Wizard tool or let our professional design team do all the work for you.

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