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Design Generator (iOS)

It is easy to use the design generator to pick up a few ideas for your renovation!

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Craving design inspiration but unsure where to start? Meet the Design Generator! This AI tool brings a wealth of design decoration possibilities to your fingertips. Simply upload a photo of your room and receive six AI-curated renders in various styles.

Our AI Design Generator lets you experiment with different room ideas, creating an inspirational gallery that you can effortlessly integrate into your plans. Or just enjoy exploring the range of design outcomes it presents!

Please note: the Design Generator is currently available exclusively to our PRO users on the iOS platform.

Here's how it works:

1. Access the Design Generator: Open the 'Tools' section on your iOS device and tap 'Design Generator'.

2. Upload a Photo: Upload a photo of the interior you'd like to decorate. Ensure the photo meets the specified requirements.

3. Choose Room Type: Next, specify the type of room you've uploaded.

4. Explore the AI-Generated Designs: Open the gallery to view the six designs proposed by our AI tool. Save the ones you love most!

What's more, you can even upload pictures of empty spaces and let our AI astonish you with its design flair!

Design Generator: Let AI Create Design Ideas For Any Room In The House - Articles about Apartments 2 by Elaine image

To learn more about this innovative tool, we welcome you to visit our Planner 5D blog.

Remember, while the Design Generator serves as an inspirational tool, if you're searching for the perfect design solution for your interior, consider using our Smart Wizard tool. Alternatively, let our professional design team handle everything for you.

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