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What is Homeplans?
What is Homeplans?
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Imagine that you are just starting your interior design project. You have a plan of your room, but have no idea of how to place the furniture in it. Here is when Homeplans tool comes in handy!

Homeplans is a library of pre-made fully furnished floor plans developed by our professional design team to help you save precious time on planning and inspiration!

To create your perfect design layout in just a few minutes with the Homeplans library:

  1. pick the plan depending on:

    1. your house area (available in either square meters or in feet)

    2. the number of rooms

    3. your style preferences (neutral/bright/dark)

  2. copy the layout to your account

  3. add your dimensions

  4. that’s it!

Homeplans is available as a one-time purchase in addition to the Premium/PRO subscription that will stay available at your account forever! There are over 50 plans available now, and every time the collection is replenished - you get an immediate access to it at no additional cost!

Note: you can also purchase the Homeplans package while you are on the Basic (free) plan, however customization of the Premium items will be unavailable for you.

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