Custom textures (Windows)
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With Planner 5D you can upload your own customized textures. Even on the Free plan you already have 5 textures to check out that feature.

Note: the number of textures is equal to the number of uploads you can make. That means that if you’ve uploaded a texture and then deleted it – it won’t free up an additional texture slot.

The good news is that you can always buy another pack of textures to keep creating unique pieces!

You can check the number of available textures in your Profile on any platform. From there you can also buy additional textures – just pick the pack you’re looking for and proceed with the payment.

How to add a texture:

  1. Open the object’s customization menu by clicking on the object and then the Roller icon;

  2. Choose which part of the object you wish to customize (for example, the inside of the outside part of the wall as in the example below):

  3. Choose Personal and click New:

  4. Upload a high-quality picture of the texture (min. size 512*512 px; max. size 1024*1024 px);

  5. You can change the scale and rotation of your texture if needed.

That’s it. You can now use your own texture to customize your design!

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