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Custom textures (Windows)
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Understanding Texture Limits

With the Free plan, you are provided with 5 customizable texture slots. Please note that the number of textures equals the number of uploads you can perform. This implies that if you upload a texture and later delete it, the action will not free up an additional texture slot.

With the Free plan you have 5 textures to customise walls and floors. For object customization, you will require a Premium subscription!

Checking Texture Availability

You can view the number of available textures in your Profile on the Windows app, along with the option to purchase additional texture packs. Simply select the pack that suits your needs and proceed with the payment.

Adding a Custom Texture

Carrying out the action in the Windows app, here are the steps to add a custom texture:

  1. Access the Customization Menu: Click on the object you wish to customize, then click on the Roller icon.

  2. Choose the Object Section: Select the part of the object you'd like to customize, such as the inside or outside portion of a wall.

  3. Select Personal and Click New: This option allows you to upload a personal texture.

  4. Upload Your Texture: Add a high-quality picture of the texture (minimum size 512512 px; maximum size 10241024 px).

  5. Adjust as Needed: You can modify the scale and rotation of your texture as necessary.

And voila! Your customized texture is now ready to use in your designs, enhancing your creative freedom with Planner 5D.

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