Adding a Landscape (Windows)
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After perfecting your house design, it's time to beautify your outdoors with Planner 5D. Whether you envision a lush garden or a cozy barbecue area, the Planner 5D Windows app can bring your vision to life. Here's how you can create your ideal yard:

Laying the Lawn

The first step to a beautiful yard is a perfect lawn.

  1. Open the Objects menu and navigate to Exterior -> Paths and Lawns.

  2. Choose a lawn shape that suits your vision and carefully place it around your house.

Note: Do not overlap your house's walls and rooms with the lawn. This can cause rendering and 3D mode conflicts.

Choosing a Lawn Texture

The right texture can make your lawn look more realistic. To select a lawn texture:

  1. Click on your lawn.

  2. Access its settings via the Roller icon.

  3. Navigate to Textures and choose the one that best matches your idea.

Creating a Path

Incorporating a path into your yard is a great way to add a sense of direction and structure. Here's how to do it:

  1. Select another lawn piece from the Paths and Lawns category.

  2. Customize its texture to stone or tiling to differentiate it from the grass.

Tip: Use the Ruler tool to measure your yard's size and ensure your path is proportionally appropriate.

Adding Trees and Exterior Objects

Now, it's time to add some life to your yard:

  1. Navigate back to the Exterior objects category.

  2. Choose trees, bushes, and flowers to line your path and create a vibrant, natural atmosphere.

  3. Further enhance your outdoor space by adding barbecue sets, summer houses, or even a swimming pool.

Get creative with your space, and if you need any help, our 24/7 customer support team is just a few clicks away. Happy designing with Planner 5D!

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