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Renders Processing Time (Windows)
Renders Processing Time (Windows)
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To create and share a realistic image of your design you can create rendered images.

Renders allow you to get a perfect picture of what your design will look like in reality.

In the Windows app you can choose between Draft, Low, HD and FullHD render quality.

Note: Picking the Draft quality render will not cost your render slot but create a screenshot that you can share. You should always create a draft first. If you're okay with it, you can later convert it to HD in the "My renders" section.

Timings for processing renders in the Windows app:

Draft: 1 - 3 minutes average rendering time

Low: 1 - 5 minutes average rendering time

HD: 1 - 2 hours average rendering time

Full HD: 3 - 15 hours average rendering time

If you're waiting more than 30 minutes for your render – that's not okay. You should contact our Support team via the New Support Ticket option in the Help centre.

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