Managing Educational Licences
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Note: this is the instruction for teachers/professors of the educational institutions, who already submitted their employment proof. To read more about Education Licences and the process of accreditation, please refer to this page.

Once we process your request, the required amount of licences will be available in your Profile -> Education section. From the Education section, you can:

  • Provide new students with Promo codes;
    Copy the code from the field and share it with your students.
    As long as you as a teacher have access to a Planner 5D subscription, your students will do too.

  • ​Your students will need to register an account with Planner 5D and enter that code in the Profile -> Account section (as shown below). The student will access the whole catalogue after the code is entered and submitted.

  • You can find the expiration date of your current licence and the number of available licences on that page.

  • Revoke licences from students' accounts.
    You can revoke the licence right from your profile if the student dropped the class or if the semester is over and you're forming a new group.

Licenses are reusable. That means you can grant and revoke licenses with no limitations. During 365 days after the account activation, licenses will give your students access to the entire catalogue.

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