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All You Need to Know About the Affiliate Program
All You Need to Know About the Affiliate Program
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How can I become a Planner 5D partner?

So you need to register your account at Planner 5D Partner Program. After that, you need to activate your account using a link that will automatically be sent to the mail after registration.

Why can't I enter the Affiliate Program?

A letter with your activating link probably got into the "Spam" folder. Please check your Spam folder. Contact us at [email protected] if the email is not found.

How can I make money in the Affiliate Program from Planner 5D? (traffic sources)

Planner 5D is a cross-platform tool for interior design used by 67 million users worldwide. Our specialization is interior design, renovation, construction, real estate, DIY. We offer our partners the following traffic source:

  • Own website/blog - an article/review containing affiliate links; banners; embeddable editor;

  • YouTube channel - product review/demonstration/product mention using an affiliate link in the description under the video;

  • Telegram channel - using an affiliate link in thematic groups/channels;

  • Instagram - an article/review with affiliate links; link to story; link in BIO;

  • Social networks VK, Facebook, etc. - an article/review with affiliate links, banners, videos;

  • Mytarget, Google - banners, articles;

  • In-app - banners, videos.

Where can I get an affiliate link?

Your affiliate link is inside the offer = Tracking link

Where can I get creatives (banners, videos)?

You will find creatives inside the offer, and all available creatives are presented here.

How to place an online editor on your own website/blog?

You can place the editor on your own website/blog by following the instructions at the offer.

How to create a Deeplink?

Please open the offer and find a "Deeplink" window below.

Paste the link to the section into the window, then copy the received Tracking link.

How can I generate an affiliate link for different traffic sources?

Please use sub4 and set the parameter (name) of the link that will refer to a specific traffic source.

After that, you will receive the following Tracking link (affiliate link):

Sub 4 will allow you to track statistics by traffic source.

How can I check statistics?

Statistics are available in your account.

How often are statistics updated?

Statistics on clicks, registrations and purchases are provided in real-time.

What are the traffic restrictions?

We do accept these sources: Cashback sites; loyalty programs; coupons, promotional codes; SMS mailing; doorway traffic; PopUp / ClickUnder; Toolbar; Push notifications; Adult, Fraud and bot traffic, misled

How long are cookies saved?

Cookies are saved for 90 days.

Is there a referral program?

We have a referral program, according to which we pay 30% of the income of the webmaster/partner you refer. A referral link is available in Referral Program.

Payment conditions

The minimum payments are made from $ 100 one-time at the beginning of the month for the previous month. Payments are made through PayPal.

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