Adding a Landscape (Web)
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Once you’ve finished decorating your house, you can start redesigning your yard. Create a beautiful garden or set up a nice and comfy barbeque zone to spend time with your friends.

First, you will need to surround your home with a proper lawn.

Use the Objects menu -> Exterior -> Paths and lawns. You can choose lawns of a different shape to create a yard around your house.

Tip: do not overlay walls and rooms with the lawn (by creating one huge lawn and placing it right under your house). That can cause issues with rendering and 3D mode since layers will be conflicting. Carefully surround your home with lawn pieces as if you were building new rooms.

- You can pick a lawn texture to reflect the reality better.

- Use the Ruler to measure the size of your yard.

You can use another lawn piece to create a path and customise its texture to stone or tiling.

Once the lawn is ready, you can add trees, bushes and flowers along your path. In the same category (Exterior objects), you can pick and place barbeques, summer houses or even a pool.

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