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Subscription not Active in Android app
Subscription not Active in Android app
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Using our Android app, you have two subscription options: Android only and the usual subscription. You'll see (Android only) text if that purchase is of that type during the purchase.

All "Android only" purchases get associated with your Google account. It might sound a bit frustrating, but we'll help you understand the process in that article.

To start downloading and buying items on the Google Play Store app, you will need to add a Google Account on your device first. You've probably completed that part since you've already downloaded and installed the Planner 5D app. With the "Android only: purchase, your purchase is "tied" to a Google Play account. If you want to use another device, you need to sign in with the same Google Play account.

In case you've lost access to your account or a subscription has disappeared and you've purchased an "Android only" subscription, here's a couple of tips that should help.

Issues causing access/subscription loss:

  1. You've used a different account on Google Play to purchase a subscription than the one you've signed in with on your device.

  2. You have several Google accounts on your device. The payment is taken from the account added first. So you need to make sure you've made a purchase and logged in with the first account.

How to fix the issue by reinstalling the app:

  1. Delete the app from your device;

  2. Make sure that you have the Google account you've made a purchase with is added to your device. You can refer to this article to find more instructions on that matter;

  3. Open the Google Play app and check if you're signed in to the correct account. You can do that in Settings of the Google Play app (tap on 3 lines in the upper left corner);

  4. Download and reinstall the Planner 5D app.

  5. Login to your Planner 5D account. Your active subscription should now be available.

How to fix the issue by temporarily deleting all accounts from your device:

  1. Open Settings of your device;

  2. Open Accounts section;

  3. All of your Google accounts are listed here. In case you do not see the one you've used for the subscription purchase, then add it;

  4. If all your accounts are present, delete all accounts except the one you've used to make a purchase;

  5. Re-launch the Planner 5D app and try restoring the subscription;

  6. Once it is restored, you can go back to Settings on your device and add back accounts you've deleted.

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