Selecting multiple rooms (Web)

This short article will guide you through the process of grouping and copying multiple rooms in your project.

Updated over a week ago

This feature lets you not only copy one room and paste the same one into your project, but do it with multiple rooms! It's a great tool, if your project has multiple rooms of the same shape or measurements.

So, how can you select 2 or more rooms and add them to your project? Easy!

  1. Choose the first room you'd like to copy;

  2. Then, holding the Shift button, simply click on the other rooms you want to copy;

  3. Once all the needed rooms are chosen - just press the copy icon and drag the newly created rooms to the needed place. Easy as that!

Please note, that when you copy the room, the objects inside would be copied as well.

Make sure to check the short video below showing how to use the feature.

Also, you can just hold Shift and select the area of rooms you'd like to select. Here's how:

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