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Unlocking the Magic of PRO: A 7-Day Adventure! (Web)
Unlocking the Magic of PRO: A 7-Day Adventure! (Web)

You can get a 7-day trial to check out our PRO subscription

Updated over a week ago

Hey there Planner 5D enthusiasts! We've got some exciting news and maybe a tiny mystery to unravel. A lot of you came to us asking about this option!

The 7-Day Trial:

So, you decided to take your design skills to the next level with Planner 5D PRO – kudos!

But wait, did you know there's a 7-day trial? It's like a VIP backstage pass to all the cool features. But (yes, there's a but), you need to actively say, "Yes, I want this trial!" during signup. No secret handshakes, just a simple clickety-click. Let’s go!

1st step: Select ‘’Activate Free Trial’’

2nd step: Select ‘’Start now’’

In the next window opt for either the 1-week free trial or, for a monthly subscription, select the Free trial option and click on 'Start 7-day free trial.'

3rd step

Input your payment details following the screenshot above.

No charges will be incurred initially. The automatic charge will occur after the 7-day trial period.

❌ Cancel Culture:

Make sure to cancel your trial period at least 1 day before the trial ends to steer clear of any subsequent charges. You can cancel the subscription in your Profile.

Please contact the support team if you encounter any challenges while trying to cancel your PRO subscription.

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