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Subscription Types (macOS)
Updated over a week ago

There are Basic and Premium plans available on all our platforms. Basic is a free plan with limited functionality, while Premium is the plan with subscription options offering access to a full catalogue of objects, infinite customisation possibilities, AI plan recognition, project sharing, Design School, and much more!

The Basic (free) plan is great to start with: you can design your space with a humble number of objects from the catalogue, and with little customization possibilities. For example, you can customize floors and walls with the Basic plan, however changing the size and textures of furniture is only possible with the Premium. You can also make an unlimited number of screenshots and experiment with custom textures (5 of them are included in the package), purchasing more whenever you need them, while with the Premium plan both textures and renders are already included, along with AI Recognition feature. You can read more about using Planner 5D for free here.

Once you decide to upgrade to Premium plan, there are several subscription types for you to choose from:

  • Individual Monthly subscription gives access to Premium features for 30 days + 5 renders + 5 textures every month.

  • Individual Yearly subscription gives access to Premium features for 365 days + 60 renders + 60 textures.

  • For professional use, please choose Monthly or Yearly PRO Subscription, which gives access to Premium features for 30 or 365 days + unlimited number of renders and textures across all platforms! What is more, using this subscription on the Web platform you can create 4K renders without our watermark, make impressive 360° Panorama renders, as well as add your portfolio to find new customers among our users! You can read more on this subscription type here. Kindly note that the PRO subscription can only be purchased from the Web platform.

Note: Depending on the platform and region, prices may slightly differ, please log in to your profile to see the price options.

Along with individual and commercial plans, we also offer free Educational licenses for teachers and schools, and White Label Solutions.

With any plan you choose, you can additionally buy more texture or render packs. To know more about In-App Purchases, click here.

To upgrade the subscription plan from Basic to Premium on your macOS device, use the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the application. Click on your current subscription plan to upgrade it.

Note: All our subscriptions are auto-renewable. With the Monthly subscription, the amount is charged every first day of the subscription period, once a month. With the Yearly subscription, the amount is charged once a year in a lump sum.

You can stop this recurring charge any time, the subscription will be active till the last day of the period you paid for. Please note that according to our Refund Policy, you will not be able to request a partial refund on the days left if you decide to stop using the product.

With iOS and MacOS platforms, there is also a 3-day Trial version of Premium Planner 5D. If you choose a trial, please remember the following:

  1. You can only take the trial once. If you try to take the trial version one more time, App Store will immediately charge the subscription, and we will not be able to process a refund in this case for you.

  2. If you do not wish to start a subscription after the trial, make sure to cancel the subscription at least 1 day before the trial ends!

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