Smart Wizard (Android)

Discover the Magic of the Smart Wizard: Effortlessly Design Your Dream Room!

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Welcome to Planner 5D's revolutionary Smart Wizard, a feature that lets our cutting-edge AI create stunning room layouts tailored just for you!

How does the Smart Wizard work?

For quite some time, we've been collaborating with dozens of talented designers, gathering data on various styles and preferences. With this invaluable information, we've trained our AI to arrange different room types in several eye-catching styles.

Here's how to use the Smart Wizard:

  1. Click the "New project" button and select the "Smart Wizard" option.

  2. Choose your room type: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living room, Kids room, or Office.

  3. Pick the room shape that best suits your space.

  4. Set up the dimensions by either moving the toggle or entering your exact measurements.

  5. Select the style you absolutely adore!
    Feel free to click "More" to explore different design layouts. Once you like what you see, hit "Next" to keep it.

Voilà! Your personalized project is ready. Now you can add more items, change textures, and customize the design to your heart's content. Remember: the sky's the limit!

Need help from a pro? We've got your back! 🤝

If you'd like assistance from a professional designer, we have you covered. For more information, read our article on 👉 Getting help from a professional designer 👈. Happy designing!

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