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Creating a round wall (Windows)
Creating a round wall (Windows)
Updated over a week ago

Creating round walls in Planner 5D requires a workaround since there is no dedicated tool for it. However, you can still achieve the desired effect by following these steps:

  1. Open your project in Planner 5D.

  2. Select the wall that you want to turn into a semi-circle or where you want to add a semi-circle niche.

  3. Tap on the wall and choose the "Split" option. Repeat this step several times to split the wall into smaller segments.

  4. Now, you can move and rearrange these segments to resemble a circular shape. Drag and position the segments to create the curved outline you desire.

While creating round walls may require some manual adjustments, this workaround allows you to achieve the circular shape you desire within the existing functionality of Planner 5D.

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