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Changing Metrics Unit & other Dimensions Settings (Web)
Changing Metrics Unit & other Dimensions Settings (Web)
Updated over a week ago

To make the design process even more smooth, set the dimensions according to your needs as you start a new project!

To open the Dimensions Menu, use the Gear icon in the top right corner of the project interface.

Here you can:

1) switch between imperial/metric systems of measurement. You can change the Metrics unit from Meters/Centimeters to Feet/Inches and other way round!

2) remove the dimensions arrows from the project if you feel like they interfere the design by simply switching off the dimensions;

3) choose between External and Internal dimensions for the walls to be displayed in the project. If you want to check both external and internal dimension for a single wall - then click on it, and make the corrections at the bottom of the project interface if needed;

4) turn on/off the Extension lines (those are the dotted lines for the dimensions arrows);

5) change the Color of the dimension arrows. Choose White if the background color is dark, and vice versa.

You might also sometimes need to measure the distance between the objects inside the room. In this case, use the Ruler tool. Here you can read more about it.

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