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Measuring the Distance using a Ruler (Web)
Measuring the Distance using a Ruler (Web)
Updated over a week ago

To make sure your project fits into your apartment, and if you can squeeze between all the stylish items you’ve put around your house, you will need to measure the distance between objects. That’s when a ruler comes in handy.

Click on the Ruler icon in the menu to summon it. It’ll appear in your project. Now you can measure the distance between objects by placing a ruler between them.

Note: if you can't find the Ruler, make sure you're in 2D mode. You can only use the Ruler in 2D at the moment.

If you need to set the ruler to be of a specific length - you can also do it! Just click the ruler icon at the top bar of the editor, and then simply set the needed length! Easy as that!

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