If you’ve bought a subscription or a pack of items, but you cannot find available functionality, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log out from the application and re-login. It might solve the issue.

  2. If after the re-login you still cannot access the plan or items, please check what email you’ve received a receipt of purchase to. 
    That will help you understand what account of yours has received a purchase. In some cases, customers create several accounts without even knowing it. Make sure you're logging into the account connected to the email you've received a receipt to. 

  3. If nothing helps and you still cannot access the purchased item, please contact our support team from the app where you've made a purchase. We will require the following information:
    - email of your account;
    - screenshot of the receipt;
    - the platform you’ve used to make a purchase (iOS, Android, macOS, Web, Windows).