We've redesigned the logic behind drawing rooms to satisfy all your requests and needs. We now present you with the Beta version of a new tool that you can find in the Rooms section — the icon with the Beta sign near it.

This tool allows you to separate one room into two and create a partition wall!

There are several ways you can use that tool:

  1. To draw a room from scratch like you used to do before. Create the shape of a room by tapping in each corner of that room. To finish the room, close the area by tapping in the first corner.
  2. Divide one room into two without drawing another room. Check this out:
  3. Create a partition wall but drawing it wherever you need. Double-click at the end of the wall to create it:

Remember that functionality is in Beta right now. It might have minor glitches. But our Support team will be happy to hear any feedback you have!