Apart from the need to keep a team of professionals to support and develop the product, we also wish to provide free access to the product for those who wish to check out the Planner 5D before subscribing to it.

There are currently two options to try out the product: a free plan (Basic) and a trial version.

The trial version gives you 3 days of access to the full catalogue and all features with the subsequent subscription being charged. That means you will need to actually subscribe to receive a trial period but the first charge will be made once the trial period is up. However, you can cancel the subscription 1 day before the trial is over in case you’ve decided not to purchase an extended version of the app. At the moment a trial period is only available on iOS and macOS platforms.

The basic plan is available on all platforms for an unlimited amount of time. Although it is restricted to a modest number of catalogue items and customisation possibilities are limited.

On the Android and iOS platforms, you have the opportunity to receive certain items for free after watching a short ad. But remember that you have 72 hours after that to place and customise the object. After the time is up, you won’t be able to move or customise the item you’ve received.