Due to specifics of different OS, you might find yourself with several accounts even though you never intended to have more than one.

Here’s how that could have happened:

  1. You’re using iOS or macOS.
    Due to the nature of these OS the moment you’ve installed and opened an app you’re registered and logged in with an Apple ID of yours. Depending on your settings, your Apple ID email or an anonymised version of it might have been used.

  2. You registered with the email but at some point used Facebook or Google account to sign in.
    A new account will be created in that case. If you want to link social networks – do that from the Settings of your existing account.

  3. You have several emails and at some point used them to sign up to check which one was originally used.

Here’s how you can fix that mix-up:

  1. If you’ve purchased anything, find a purchase receipt that will be sent to your email that is registered in the system.

  2. Contact our Support team directly from the app with details of both accounts. We will find a way to fix it for you.