To create and share a realistic image of your design you can create rendered images. Renders allow you to get a perfect picture of what your design will look like in reality.

Use the Camera icon to make a rendered image.

You can either purchase a subscription or a pack of renders as on the Basic plan you don’t have render slots available.

Depending on the platform you’re using you can choose different render quality:


Note: Picking the Draft quality render will not spend your render slot but will create a screenshot that can be shared.

Average render processing timings

Renders can be processed either on our servers or directly on your device. 

If you've picked the render to be processed on your device, estimates can differ due to the technical characteristics of your device and the complexity of the project.

Renders can be processed on the device: Windows, Android platforms.

Renders are processed on servers: Windows, Android, Web, iOS, macOS platforms.

Timings for processing renders on your device:

Draft: 1 - 3 minutes average rendering time

Low: 1 - 5 minutes average rendering time

Medium: 5 - 60 minutes average rendering time

HD: 1 - 2 hours average rendering time

Full HD: 3 - 15 hours average rendering time

Timings for processing renders on the server:

Draft: 1 - 2 minutes average rendering time

HD: 2 - 15 minutes average rendering time