If you don’t have a floor plan to digitalise you will need to create it manually. 

Before you can actually start creating a design of your apartment or house you will need to create its plan. That includes rooms, hallways, several floors (you can create and fill them one by one, but don’t forget to save the place for the stairs!), as well as doors, windows and, possibly a roof.

If you’re working on a real apartment plan, make sure you have all dimensions at hand. We wouldn’t want to realise at the end of the project, that dimensions were incorrect and the whole plan cannot be brought to life.

This set of tools will be your best friends on that stage:

There are several options:

- Room of a free form. You create each corner by tapping. Close the room by connecting your last corner with your first one;

- A square room with all the walls of equal length;

- A rectangular room with two walls bigger than the other two;

- Room with several corners;

- Magic cube.

Although predefined rooms may seem like a good pick, you will need to adjust walls length for every wall in the room if it differs from the template. With a bit of practice, you can get quite good at using the drawing tool that might speed up the whole process for you a lot.

Once that is done you can name each room to better navigate through your plan.

The next step is to place doors, arcs and windows. That would allow you to better place objects at a later stage.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

In other articles we’ll be changing floors and wall covers as well as placing the furniture and other exterior objects.