In that article we’ll check out all available platforms and their menu navigation. This way you’ll get a step closer to creating your dream home in no time!

Just pick the platform you’re interested in:

- Web

- iOS

- Android

- macOS


Web platform

You start your journey with Planner 5D from the “My projects” section. Here you can create a new project of your own or check out templates our designers have created for you.

You click “+ New project” and see your first room. Let’s check out all icons on the left side of the upper menu.

Now let's check what is available in the upper right corner of the menu.

Let’s move to the left side menu. Here you have everything to actually build and fill your home with furniture and decorations.

iOS platform

Create as you go. Don’t let anything stop you from designing your dream home.

Android platform

You start from the main screen with all existing projects. You can also create a new project by clicking the plus sign.

Before we move to the project itself, let’s explore the main menu accessible from the upper left side of the screen.

Here you can check your subscription status, available items, projects, renders and snapshots. You can also click the Settings button to open your profile details where you can edit your profile information or change the user in case you want to access a different account.

With the main controllers checked let’s move to the project navigation itself.

In the upper menu you can:

  • Get back to projects list;

  • Create a screenshot;

  • Switch between the 2D and 3D modes;

  • Check out the augmented reality;

  • Move between floors;

  • Move back and forth between the latest actions;

  • Apply a ruler;

  • Open extensive project settings;

  • Share your project.

By clicking the big red Plus sign button you’ll open the menu with all available items:

Here you can create rooms and fill it with interior and exterior items. You can either search through the catalogue manually or use the search option. By pinning this window to your screen, you’ll always be able to quickly access the catalogue.

macOS platform

You start from the main screen where you can create a new project or pick one you like.

Here you can also access your renders you’ve created and check out your Profile information.

By clicking on the Profile icon in the upper right corner you can check out your profile info or change the user in case you’ve already registered an account on another platform.

Once you’ve opened a project, the menu on the top will provide you with all the tools you need to start working on your design.

On the left side you have a tool to create rooms, add construction items, interior and exterior objects.

In the centre you have an option of switching between 2D and 3D modes.

On the right-hand side you have the following:

  • Report a problem. This way we’ll receive all the information about your app version and a profile. That will help us a lot to understand your issue and fix it for you. Always use that button in case you’ve stumbled upon something that requires our assistance.

  • Create renders by picking the quality of it. You’ll later find it in the Renders section on the main screen.

  • Use a ruler to make sure everything is located right where it should be.

  • Draw a room of any shape you want.

  • Move between floors.

  • You can edit properties of the object by selecting it and then clicking the Edit button.

Windows platform

You start from the main screen where you can create a new project or pick one you like.

Here you can also access the renders you’ve created,  check out your Profile information and access application Settings.

To log out from the app you need to open your profile and then use the Log out button.

After you open the project of your choice you’ll have two sets of menus on either side of the screen:

The right one allows you to:

  • Switch to 2D/3D modes;

  • Create a snapshot or render in HD quality;

  • Move between floors;

  • Apply a ruler;

  • Use a magnifying glass;

  • Move back and forth between your latest actions.

On the left side you have all the necessary tools:

  • Create rooms and floors;

  • Place construction objects like doors, windows, stairs, roof;

  • Pick interior objects from an excessive catalogue;

  • Pick and place exterior objects to design your backyard.

That’s it! You’re all set up to start your journey into the exciting world of home design. And we'll be here for you to support!