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Creating Your First Project (Android)
Creating Your First Project (Android)
Updated over a week ago

Creating the floor plan can be pretty monotonous work. If you already have a plan for your apartment, you can easily digitalise it using our intelligent neural network on the Web platform.

Otherwise, you can create it on your own using the "Rooms" tool.

There are several options:

- Room of a free form. You create each corner by tapping;

- Square room with all the walls of equal length;

- Rectangular room with two walls bigger than the other two;

- Room with several corners;

- Magic Cube.

You can adjust the wall thickness and ceiling height and name the room to read your plan easily. You can do that by tapping on the room you've just created.

Once you've finished with the floor plan, you can start filling it with furniture and other items making our homes so sweet.

And that short video will help you explore the functionality of the app even further:

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